2016 LA Regional


One regional down, one to go. From March 10th -12th, we had the opportunity to participate in the LA Regional in Long Beach. Throughout the competition, we played 8 qualifying matches. In our first match, we started off in reverse for autonomous. This was a simple miscommunication error that lost us the match with a score of 37 – 47. Fortunately, our programmers were on the case immediately, and this problem didn’t repeat itself for any other matches. By our third match, we had dramatically increased our score to 79, resulting in winning the match. We won again in our fifth match with Team 330 and Team 987 on our alliance. Our qualification score in this match, 135, was one of the highest. We ended qualifications in the top 15 OPR list, and although we did not advance to eliminations, we are proud of our achievements at the LA regional.

We’re especially proud of our brand new drivers, who quickly and maturely adapted to strategy changes during matches. Our pit crew also worked tirelessly for all three days of competition, resulting in a more efficient and polished robot by the end of Saturday, which we’re excited to bring to the Ventura Regional. The excitement is far from over, and one freshman team member, Catherine, says, “I enjoyed being with my team and cheering on our drivers during the matches. I got to meet with other teams and see how everything worked at competition. Seeing the amount of progress we made during the course of build season really paid off while seeing our robot in the arena.” Overall, LA Regional was a great experience for the team, and we’re looking forward to an even better time in Ventura!