Battle at the Border 2015

On October 17th, we had the opportunity to participate in the annual “Battle at the Border” off-season competition in San Diego. The competition was hosted by Team 1538, The Holy Cows, and Team 2485, W.A.R. Lords, at Francis Parker High School. After a long but rewarding day, we finished in 3rd place as semifinalists. Throughout the day, we played in 6 qualifying matches. By our 3rd qualification match, we had changed our strategy to use all 6 recycling containers on the field, which dramatically increased our score. During alliance selections, we were captains of the 5th seed alliance. We selected our alliance members: Team 968, RAWC, and Team 4486, Blue Prints, both of whom proved to be valuable to the alliance. Our drive team once again proved their skill and expertise in the arena by earning 197 points, a record high score, in two matches. With such a robust design, our pit crew did not have to make any repairs throughout the entire competition. Our programmers diligently worked around the clock changing autonomous mode and adjusting code for our updated strategy, and this proved to be crucial as it put us on equal footing with the world champion team present. Our rookie members had a blast at this event. Freshman member Brandon Comins said, “I feel like I learned more here than I’d learn in a whole college class. It’s all so hands-on. I’ve never felt more welcome and also challenged at the same time.” Brandon is one of our programmers, and he took the initiative to redo the autonomous code and assist our robot operator after matches. Overall, Battle at the Border was an incredible experience, we’re grateful to have had the opportunity to attend.