Marketing at the Encino Farmers Market

Today, Team 4 went to the Encino Farmers Market from 7:00am – 1:00pm to do some outreach. One of our current goals is to get more involved in the local community and help spread the FIRST message. When we found out about the farmers market right across the street from our school, we jumped at the opportunity to set up a booth dedicated to getting more people involved in FIRST.

26 of our team members signed up for this event and had a blast. The community was excited to see our robot, and they were even more amazed when they heard what our team had to say. We’re student-run, so everything they see on the robot is designed, manufactured, and programmed by students on our team (unless otherwise specified). It wasn’t long before donations piled up and our business card pile dwindled down – so many people wanted to get involved.

We’re grateful to have such a supportive and enthusiastic community. Team 4 will definitely be visiting the Encino Farmers Market again soon to continue spreading the FIRST message.

Down to the Wire!

There are only a couple of days left of build season and we are working harder than ever! Our robot is almost done and we are just putting on the finishing touches. Bag and tag is slowly approaching which puts us all on edge but the whole team plans on putting in the extra time so that we can get our robot completed. The students are passionate about having a successful robot this year and have put in a lot of work over the last couple of weeks.


photo 3



Programming Computers


                                                                                                                                                                                 Students Soldering

High Five for Week Five

Team 4 is in the middle of assembling the robot now!

All of our parts are back from being powder coated and are now being attached. We’re super excited to have a fully-functioning robot soon!


Here’s what the team’s up to:


jordan1Jordan is wiring the second robot.


Avak is adjusting the gear box.

part inventory

Anthony is taking inventory of our parts that just came in.

zoe on computer

Zoe is writing our Dean’s List essay.

We’ve got tons to do still, but we’re nearing the end!

One more week.

Team 4


Assembling Assembly

Today, some Team 4 members have taken on the task of assembling gear boxes.



Like last year, we’re building two identical robots – one for competition, and one we can practice with once we bag and tag a few weeks from now.

Two robots means doubles of everything else we do, too. We’ve got enough gearboxes for both the practice and comp robots (whose names we are currently discussing. We have yet to come to a consensus.)



3 1

We plan to be finished with the assembly by Monday, most likely sooner, if we are able to come into robots over the weekend.

Paint Me Blue Like One of Your French Girls…



… says our robot.


Our drive base has been sent off to get powder coated blue, and we wait in anticipation to see its new color.


Meanwhile, at school….




Oliver is making a part.





greg and avak


Greg and Avak are attaching a pressure clip as part of the gear box assembly.





Jordan is ordering more parts for the construction of our robot.


According to Guy, our head mentor, we are still ahead of schedule!


Almost all of our parts are done and we plan to have a living robot by the end of the week!


Until then!

Team 4

Till Next Time Rafi!!

Today was our mentor Rafi’s last day at Robots for a while.





Which of course made it our clear and eminent mission to thoroughly thank him – and make him feel just slightly uncomfortable.


a1 a2 a3 a4


After dinner, we all gathered around to give our thanks to Rafi. We gave him the card we’d all signed, and played him one last round of Love Me Again by John Newman (Team 4’s jam this Build Season.)





Thank you, so much Rafi, for giving your time to the team. We’re really grateful that you did. Good luck, and see you at competition!








Team Updates

Happy Birthday Mr. B!

Our whole team would like to wish Mr B a Happy Birthday. We all appreciate everything you do for us and hope your birthday is amazing and filled with joy!


The students are currently preparing for the wiring of the robot. They are stripping the PWM wires that will go on the robot. image (4)

(students stripping wires)

image (5)
(electronics parts)

Aqua and Black Pride!

It is also time to order Team merchandise! Here at Team 4 Element we take our merchandise very seriously. We make sure that when we are at competition we show a lot of team spirit by wearing our shirts and team colors.
image (6)
(merchandise order form)

Week Three: Check In

It’s half way through week three of Build Season and things are going great.

Today select students started mounting electronic components onto our practice robot. Compared to last year, this year’s mounting seems to be much simpler and cleaner. As our practice bot is getting it’s electronic components mounted on, our competition bot is getting it’s holes tapped up.

Meanwhile in the shop, other students are busy on manufacturing more parts that will later be used to build our robot with.

Avak tapping holes on our frame.

Nico machining parts on the lathe.

Students mounting electronics onto the practice bot.

Hopefully things continue to run as smooth as possible as Build Season continues.

Electric Feel

Hello, cyberspace!


We are right on track coming into our third week of Build Season. Everything is coming together just as planned.

We have finished prototyping and are now moving along in our construction. Every aspect of the robot has been scrutinized and carefully plotted for a great robot that you’ll see at competition.

Yesterday we brainstormed our autonomous scheme and are planning to finish it in the coming weeks.

We’re having an electric feel this week:

zoe on computer

Here, Avery is using GibbsCam to fix a part.



Students (and Richard) are working on tapping the drive base.



The programmers are currently downloading C++ for the autonomous mode for the robot.



Here’s Nico working on a part for the arm.


According to Zoe, our Project manager, “This robot’s going to be rad.”


Zoe’s never wrong.


Wishing good luck to our fellow teams,

Team 4

Monday Madness

Today Team 4 will be meeting from noon to 4 pm.

There’s so much going on all over – so many people working on different aspects of the robot – and today, in this corner, we have our designers organizing the drawings of the different parts.





We’re categorizing the parts by what needs to be manufactured, what needs to be cut, and what has already been completed. Build Season’s speeding by fast, but we’re nearly finished with manufacturing our robot.