Working on Weekends

We met bright and early this Saturday morning to get some extra work in on our robot.


We only have four more weeks till then end of Build Season, so we’ve got to keep working. Us Team 4 members don’t mind, though. We’re determined to make this robot our best yet.

So welcome to Team 4 ELEMENT! Where the not even the weekend can’t keep us from our machine shop.


Team 4 is also where we have an endless supply of yolplait yogurt at our fingertips,


And where the only album we listen to is Love Me Again by John Newman.

john Newman

Mr. B would also like me to mention that he has finished the field goal for our practice field, and it only took him one day.


We’ll be here until 4 in the afternoon, building, designing, programming and organizing.



Prototyping is one of basic and very important process of designing anything but in this case robots. Prototyping is an early model or example of the expectation of the final and actual product. One of the greatest things about prototyping is finding ‘errors’ before having the final product. Although, it could be very frustrating but at the end it will be worth it.

Field in Progress

Our very own Mr. Babahekian is in charge of building a practice field.

mr. b

Today, he is building the field goal. Unfortunately, we have a limited amount of wood parts, so he’s improvising. When asked how things with the field are going, Mr. Babahekian, mentor, math teacher, husband, and father, has this to say:


The field will be ready for use by the end OF THE DAY.




1st Step to Success

Designing is the first step when it comes to the building process. Now that Build Season is in full swing our team is beginning to prototype our robot. We are in the beginning stages of prototyping an intake system that will be used on our robot.

image (2)
(a sneak peek of our prototype)

image (1)
(Maddie and Avery working on the prototype)


Happy Build Season, FIRST!


It’s the second Tuesday of the season, and Team 4 is right on schedule. Since Kick-Off, we have discussed and have to a conclusion as to what we think a winning robot competing in Aerial Assist would be able to do. Since then, we have designed, programmed, prototyped, and tested different aspects of our robot.

Presently, several members of Team 4 are prototyping and testing different mechanisms. Henry Williams and Mathew Siegal (11th grade,) for example, are building a release system prototype.

Prototyping a release system

Our handy-dandy programmers are working on the code that will make our robot drive straight.

Working on Drive Straight

Richard Sherbrooke and Nico Amato are cleaning the cooalant pump on our CNC Lathe.


Otherwise, the members of Team 4 are building the robot’s siderail, assembling the pnuematic system, and designing and prototyping an intake system. There’s still a lot to do this Build Season, but we are well on our way!

Kickoff 2014

Although waking up at 6 am was not the easy, we couldn’t be more excited about this new year and competition. We started our first day with a delicious breakfast, and then moved on into watching the announcement of Aerial Assist.

After going over the manual and its rules as a team, we started our brainstorming by playing the game as if we were the robots…

As the brainstorming went on for the entire day — stills going on– we tried prioritizing the functions of our robot.

And lastly here is a sneak peak of our day was.




72 Days Until Competition











The crew finished fixing our four handed friend’s gearbox today, Machamp. The axel was slipping. This year’s new members continue working on their VEX robots. Last week, we received our shipment of VEX apparatus parts and the entire Team is looking forward to building it. One group out of the fourteen has already finished their robots.

– Ana Asadollahpour

Welcome Class of 2017


We are so excited to welcome our new members, class of 2017! After their first week of getting to know each-other and our school, our mentors interviewed them about their interests and abilities.