Welcome to the Team 4 ELEMENT 2018 Summer Camp, where your children will have a fun time being introduced into the world of STEM! Summer camp will be filled with games, activities, and demonstrations. Along with physically designing and assembling their creations, they will also gain programming experience through various games to have robots complete challenges.In the morning sessions, students will participate in activities with LEGO Mindstorm robots, and afternoon sessions will comprise of different engineering experiences to participate in. We will be featuring a brand new web app we co-created named Polyup, which is a computational thinking playground that can be used to modify and control M-bots.Students will also learn how to design their own 3D parts by using the TinkerCAD program. They will create their own mini-rockets and understand how they are launched. Kids will interact with the LEGO Mindstorms and use problem solving skills in an engineering environment.


Week 1, (9am-4pm):$450

Week 2, (9am-4pm):$450

Both Weeks Together: $800
Registration is non-refundable and online registration includes $15 processing fee.
All checks payable to HTLA.


Register online here or print and submit this form with payment to HTLA.


For any questions, financial or otherwise, please Contact Us!