Electric Feel

Hello, cyberspace!


We are right on track coming into our third week of Build Season. Everything is coming together just as planned.

We have finished prototyping and are now moving along in our construction. Every aspect of the robot has been scrutinized and carefully plotted for a great robot that you’ll see at competition.

Yesterday we brainstormed our autonomous scheme and are planning to finish it in the coming weeks.

We’re having an electric feel this week:

zoe on computer

Here, Avery is using GibbsCam to fix a part.



Students (and Richard) are working on tapping the drive base.



The programmers are currently downloading C++ for the autonomous mode for the robot.



Here’s Nico working on a part for the arm.


According to Zoe, our Project manager, “This robot’s going to be rad.”


Zoe’s never wrong.


Wishing good luck to our fellow teams,

Team 4