FIRST Stronghold Week 1

Team 4 started off this season with a bang! Over fifty team members showed up to watch the reveal of the 2016 game, FIRST Stronghold, and to kick-off the build season. Stronghold is a medieval themed tower capturing game. Two alliances of three teams each attempt to capture their opponent’s tower by crossing obstacles, known as defenses, and scoring balls, known as boulders, into the towers, all while defending their own side of the field. This year’s arena may be the most complex one so far, with interchangeable defenses that have over ten-thousand different configurations.

The new season presented us with a lot of work to be done in only six weeks, but our new members were excited to step up to the challenge. Our veteran members, meanwhile, are excited to continue their FIRST careers with this complex game. Our team analyzed the game for the first few days of build season to determine possible strategies and robot designs, while building the field elements. In these early stages of build season everyone is hard at work, especially our design department. Our designers have been using SolidWorks to quickly figure out the geometry needed for our robot, and they have started modelling our robot. The team also began prototyping various mechanisms for our robot. The prototypes are used to determine which systems are best to achieve a successful season. Our programmers have been hard at work updating our code-base, mapping out new driver controls, and adding new features on top of their past work. Everyone on Team 4 is very excited for a fantastic season!