FIRST Stronghold Week 2

         With the second week of Build Season coming to an end, we have only 4 more weeks to prepare for the Los Angeles Regional. This week, our designers designed the majority of our drive base, and we’re hoping to completely finish the drive base within the next couple of days. Our programmers have worked with some of our robots from the last couple of years to test new code and update driving controls. Today, our machinists finished building all the field elements. Many of our veteran members have been referencing past games to help build an effective strategy for this game. The veteran members aren’t the only ones working hard. Our new members have surprised us all with the amount of work they put into their specific departments. This year they really stepped up to the plate to learn CAD, spearhead sponsor relations, and optimize prototypes. With the completion of our new practice field, we are very excited to start driver practice soon.