FIRST Stronghold Week 3

           With only half of the build season left Team 4 is looking better and better. Our designers overcame miscommunication and are now back on track, designing parts of our robot. Over the past week, they have also been working on designing several hanging mechanisms which that could also be used to overcome barriers such as the drawbridge. This week has been very productive for our manufacturing department. They have already finished manufacturing both our competition and practice drive bases. All the while, other members of manufacturing have been working on our intake and scaling mechanisms, both of which will play a crucial role in our strategy for this year’s competitions. Our programmers have been focusing on autonomous code, and have successfully added a camera to one of our older robots, to prepare it to be used on our new robot for vision tracking. Overall this past week has been very productive for Team 4, as we’ve made huge strides towards being ready for our regionals.