Marketing at the Encino Farmers Market

Today, Team 4 went to the Encino Farmers Market from 7:00am – 1:00pm to do some outreach. One of our current goals is to get more involved in the local community and help spread the FIRST message. When we found out about the farmers market right across the street from our school, we jumped at the opportunity to set up a booth dedicated to getting more people involved in FIRST.

26 of our team members signed up for this event and had a blast. The community was excited to see our robot, and they were even more amazed when they heard what our team had to say. We’re student-run, so everything they see on the robot is designed, manufactured, and programmed by students on our team (unless otherwise specified). It wasn’t long before donations piled up and our business card pile dwindled down – so many people wanted to get involved.

We’re grateful to have such a supportive and enthusiastic community. Team 4 will definitely be visiting the Encino Farmers Market again soon to continue spreading the FIRST message.