Happy Build Season, FIRST!


It’s the second Tuesday of the season, and Team 4 is right on schedule. Since Kick-Off, we have discussed and have to a conclusion as to what we think a winning robot competing in Aerial Assist would be able to do. Since then, we have designed, programmed, prototyped, and tested different aspects of our robot.

Presently, several members of Team 4 are prototyping and testing different mechanisms. Henry Williams and Mathew Siegal (11th grade,) for example, are building a release system prototype.

Prototyping a release system

Our handy-dandy programmers are working on the code that will make our robot drive straight.

Working on Drive Straight

Richard Sherbrooke and Nico Amato are cleaning the cooalant pump on our CNC Lathe.


Otherwise, the members of Team 4 are building the robot’s siderail, assembling the pnuematic system, and designing and prototyping an intake system. There’s still a lot to do this Build Season, but we are well on our way!