Team 4 Summer

Over the summer, Team 4 held a summer camp for Elementary and Middle School students. The days were split up in 2 sessions. Students in the morning session designed, built, and programmed LEGO Mindstorm robots to play a number of games, including King of the Hill and an obstacle course. With the help of Team 4 alumnus, Mack, campers in the afternoon session designed and built VEX IQ robots to compete in various challenges like Sumo and “Cube Swap.” With one-on-one mentoring from Team 4 students and mentors, campers were introduced to robotics and STEM with hands-on challenges.

Before summer break began, a Team 4 alumnus, Vince, visited our shop to teach machining to some of our members. He taught the students the fundamentals of various tool and machines, such as the mills and lathes, both manual and CNC. The training prepared our members for an internship at Finn Tool and Instruments. Yarden, a student on Team 4 who took part in the internship, said, “This internship not only helped me learn but it got me ready to share my knowledge with others.” With their newfound skills from the internship and training, Team 4 members are ready for the next FRC season!